The Throne of Dragons

Bonding Fire

Only a dragon prince and a disgraced healer can save the kingdom…

When Prince Tagaris shows up on Gwen’s doorstep asking for help, she’s tempted to shut the door in his face. After all, the dragon lord banished her from court—alongside her mentor—when they failed to heal the dying king five years before. But Gwen can’t deny his request.

Tagaris’s niece, Comnena, has been stricken with the same mysterious disease that killed the king. And Gwen soon realizes the young woman isn’t sick—she’s been poisoned. The dragon queen insists her daughter’s condition be kept secret, so Tagaris devises a solution to hide Gwen’s true purpose: a fake courtship.

He’s the last person on earth Gwen could ever love, but he’s the only one she can rely on to help her cure Comnena. And there’s more to Tagaris than she imagined. As she finds herself getting closer to him, their fake courtship begins to turn into something dangerously real.

But can Gwen truly forgive the dragon lord? And can they work together to stop the kingdom from going up in flames?