Ragond’s Portal War

Dragon Link

For sixteen-year-old Nova Harris, the last nine years in Florida have been a constant stream of disappointment. With her father dead and her mother missing, she’s been shuffled from one foster home to another. The only connection Nova has to happier times is the strange dragon pendant that makes her yearn to reunite with her mother and have a family again.

Until a dragon lands at her feet—and offers to help find her mother.

Before they know it, Nova and her best friend Zephyr are whisked through a portal to Ragond, a realm sustained by powerful magic. Though Nova has no memory of this land, the fantastical inhabitants are well aware of her parents. Because of her family, in fact, Nova is invited to participate in the upcoming dragon rider trials, and Zephyr in the witch trials.

However, it soon becomes clear that various factions are threatened by the newcomers and want to send them back where they came from—by any means necessary. Further complications arise when Nova and Zephyr discover twin dragons…and unexpectedly bond with them.

Suddenly, Nova discovers she must choose between searching for her mother and protecting those she loves. And either choice risks embroiling them in an inter-dimensional war.

Dragon Rebellion 

The battle for Ragond has begun.

Sixteen-year-old Nova Harris didn’t expect danger when she was whisked away to a magical realm. All she wanted was to find her mother, but instead she discovered a whole new world—one that’s at war. With an uptick in the mysterious inter-dimensional portals, Ragond needs every dragon and rider to protect it from the Mythoi who continue to come through and attack. And as the intensity of the fight grows, Nova’s mental reserves are further exhausted from the strain of masking her best friend’s illegal dragon bond.

A bond that, if discovered, will mean Zephyr’s death.

After repeatedly bending the rules, the Council removes Nova from the battlefield and forces her to study Ragond’s history in the Great Library. But the magical books there will only open for those who possess the ability to understand their contents—and when Zephyr visits, they’re shocked to discover she can open every one she touches. But the more they read, the more questions they have…until they’re faced with a truth that threatens to overturn everything the people have been told about the war’s origins.

When an open portal gives Nova a chance to see for herself the horrors that have befallen Mythos and its inhabitants, she, Zephyr, and their dragons embark on a quest to find the truth about Ragond’s past.

It will be a quest that can expose the Council’s duplicity and end the war—or doom them all.