Charassi’s Fae Queen

Pack Dragon

An orphan searching for her future unlocks a destiny she never imagined…

War has engulfed Destia, reaching even the remote country-side, where foundling Eva Thirsk lives. When army recruiters come to town, Eva sees a chance to find a place where she truly belongs—something she’s never found on her adopted family’s farm. She enlists, hoping for adventure…and perhaps a chance to learn what happened to her parents.

But when one of her missions goes disastrously wrong, a powerful enemy is accidentally freed. The Venistrare Warlock, sealed away eons ago to protect Destia, has been unleashed—and things begin to change for Eva.

Strange visions, an electric sense of energy, and an odd feeling of deep connection to Perrell, the pack dragon she’s befriended… If she didn’t know better, Eva would think she’s somehow gained magic. Including the ability to bond to a dragon, but that’s not possible at her age…is it?

As the war rages on, the stakes grow higher each day. Can Eva and Perrell figure out Eva’s new powers in time—or will they be consumed by the fires of annihilation?

Fairspell Academy

Dragon rider school is far more dangerous than Eva ever dreamed it would be…

She and the dragon Perrell have arrived at Fairspell Academy, ready to begin their training. But the prejudices that plagued them in Scaldrift are even worse in the capital. Everyone thinks Eva’s from the wrong social class to become a dragon rider, and Perrell is far too small to become a battle dragon. How can they prove themselves if they’re not even allowed to try?

It’s up to Eva to prove herself once more—but her magic behaves in strange ways. Eva wields earth magic, but she can also see air and fire magic. She might be able to mix the three—but that’s strictly forbidden.

When Eva and Perrell fail their first test, they must prepare for a tournament that will finally prove their worth—or see them kicked out of the academy. Mixing magic is forbidden, and could land Eva in serious trouble. But when disaster strikes at the tournament and lives are on the line, she may have no choice…

Warlock’s Heir

For Eva and her dragon, the war has only just begun…

Eva’s visit home is cut short when Prince Francis arrives with an urgent mission. Her ability to sense Venistrare’s magic – the same ability that led to her saving the prince’s life – could help them find the key to undermining Venistrare’s power. There’s just one catch: her ability to use more than one kind of magic must remain secret.

The prince doesn’t know that Eva is keeping another secret – she shares the same bloodline as the sinister Warlock. If the others find out, there’s no telling what they’ll do. Will they trust in all that she’s done… or will they turn against her?

As the Warlock’s forces gain strength, Destia reels from one defeat to another. Whole villages have been struck down by Venistrare’s dangerous abilities. And Eva faces an impossible choice. She can do as Prince Francis commands and keep her abilities a secret. Or she can embrace her forbidden power, face the Warlock head-on… and risk losing everything.

Dragon Defenders of Destia: Books 1 – 3

An orphan girl and a dragon runt are the kingdom’s only hope…

Eva Thirsk is no dragon rider… She’s just a lonely orphan on an isolated farm. In her hopes of finding a new life for herself—and maybe learning more about her past—Eva enlists in the army. But when she’s put to work, she finds herself relegated to the lowest of jobs—cleaning the dragon stables.

Too small for combat, Perrell is a lowly pack dragon who dreams of flying into battle. But like Eva, she refuses to accept her fate. She senses a spark of courage in the young orphan… the same spark that burns in her own heart. Together, they will form a friendship. But when the warlock Malcolm Venistrare escapes his magical prison, everything changes.

Now, Eva finds herself imbued with strange new magical abilities. With that magic, she’s capable of bonding with a dragon, making her and Perrell the dragon-riding team they’d always dreamed of being. But the magic holds a dark side. There are deep mysteries surrounding the power she now holds, the forces she’s capable of wielding… and the family line she secretly carries.

As Venistrare joins with Destia’s enemies and escalates the war, the whole nation is at risk. Will Destia support Eva as she battles against the warlock—or will they turn against her once the truth is revealed?

Hybrid Magic

A young mage and her dragon must battle the darkest magic…

All her life, Winnie has dreamt of being a mage. But when her grandmother threatens to pull her out of school, Winnie needs to prove herself to the Fairspell Magic Academy, and fast! When she’s chosen to travel with a delegation of mages to the capitol of Fantis, she sees her chance…

But Winnie’s determination gets her mixed up in a mystery that threatens all magic in the kingdom. Soon, she finds herself imprisoned alongside a fierce dragon named Kygo, tormented by dangerous experiments that mix dragon and human sorcery. And making Winnie’s own powers become erratic and dangerous.

Winnie and Kygo must band together to escape the clutches of evil, and save Winnie’s fellow mages before it’s too late. And if they fail, the ancient war between Fantis and Destia will reignite…