Some secrets are best left buried.

Desiree Black’s foster family welcomed her years ago, but most of the villagers merely tolerate the seventeen-year-old’s presence with barely concealed hatred—and fear. Dez herself can’t stomach remembering the strange power that rose up inside her and left her brother with a shattered arm. The only peace she finds from others’ accusing stares is in the misty swamps surrounding the village. Swamps that have long held mystical secrets.

Secrets that are ready to be exposed.

After a narrow escape from the town bully sends Dez deep into the swamps, she stumbles across a glowing warm stone buried in the muck. Long hidden truths are divulged when a crazy hag rescues her and sets Dez on an extraordinary new course—to become one of the legendary dragon riders.

Now Dez and her dragon hatchling must harness their magical link on the long journey to join the Rebellion—and avoid the enemy closing in on them. But it’s in the heat of battle where Dez discovers the painful reality of her forgotten past.

And exactly why she can’t be trusted.

Dragon Oracle 

The Rebellion has several battle victories under its belt, but although Desiree Black is credited for the war’s turn, she still has one goal—freeing her parents from the Spirit King’s grip. The problem is that the magic clouding her parents’ allegiance is all-powerful, and no record exists of a successful attempt to break the Mind Trap.

That knowledge won’t temper Dez’s determination, but it does fuel her frustration with the Rebellion’s path and leadership.

To adjust her attitude, Dez is removed from the battlefield to act as an attaché to the commander in chief—If she refuses she’ll face ejection from the Rebellion for her reckless attitude. But learning to be a leader and gaining wisdom aren’t simple things, even when Dez manages to find the Dragon Oracle, who possesses a direct link to the Goddess and may hold the key to setting her parents free.

But their arrival portends oncoming doom. And as the Rebellion reels from unexpected losses within their ranks, the lies that once haunted Dez return with a vengeance. Now, in order to save the Rebellion and rescue her family, Dez must use newfound powers to enter the dimension housing the knowledge of the dead.

There, she’ll face the Spirit King.