Charassi’s Fae Queen

The Bone Crown

From high school student to Queen of the Fae…

When a dragon bulldozes through a portal and into the grounds of her Texas school, Ophelia Monroe can barely believe her eyes. Dragons and magic are just fairy tales, right?

When the dying dragon bonds with her to spite a Fae prince, suddenly Ophelia is dragged into a different realm: a world of Fae intrigue and deception where, as Prince Corrin informs her, her dragon bond has made her Queen of the Fae.

His Queen.

Ophelia’s always wanted to make a difference, but nothing could have prepared her for magical powers she can’t control, a dead dragon’s voice in her head, and subjects questioning her right to be queen. Or the infuriatingly handsome Fae prince who won’t leave her side.

To avoid execution, Ophelia must validate her claim to the throne by traveling throughout the magical realm, accompanied by Prince Corrin. But the journey reveals a dark secret lurking in Charassi…

The only way to save the realm is to find the source of the trouble; but the truth may be just as terrible as the evil magic that threatens the Fae’s existence.

The Usurper’s Throne

A dragon bond, a usurped throne, and a realm on the brink of destruction…

Ophelia Monroe had no idea magic existed until a dying dragon bulldozed through her Texas school, and a haughty Fae prince stole her away to another realm. Suddenly an unprecedented bond makes her Queen of the Fae in Charassi, a magical realm she never could have imagined.

But when Vie, an evil Fae, usurps her crown, Ophelia is temporarily stranded on Earth with Prince Corrin and a dragon named Shadow on the River. When they return, Charassi is a realm transformed. The people live in fear and their allies are being targeted not only by Vie but by his and Corrin’s mother—the former queen, Emalda.

Retaking the throne won’t be easy, especially with the dark power Emalda wields to Unmake soldiers—draining away their souls and leaving their bodies as puppets under her command.

To make herself even more powerful, Emalda steals the Bone Crown, an artifact that belongs to the rightful ruler of Charassi. With the crown, she’s a nearly unbeatable foe. Ophelia and Corrin must get the artifact back and find a way to protect the palace and their people.

If they fail, all of the dragons and Fae of the realm will pay the ultimate price.

The Stolen Palace

All worlds hang in the balance…

To stop Dowager Queen Emalda’s reign of terror, Ophelia, her bonded dragon Sunny, and Corrin will need to uncover the powerful magic of the First Artifact. The key lies in the Sacred Map, a scroll that must be magically unlocked. No one knows how, and people have died trying. The trials to unlock the scroll are immense and Ophelia will be asked to do terrible things in the name of the greater good—even possibly betraying Corrin.

Meanwhile Corrin is determined to solidify a true alliance with the dragons. With their help, he, Ophelia, and their allies may have a fighting chance against his mother. But the dragons aren’t happy to see himhim, and Corrin will need to prove himself if he’s going to survive long enough to form an alliance.

If Ophelia and Corrin can’t stop Emalda, she will use the First Artifact to gain immortality. And in the process, she will close every portal and destroy all worlds outside of Charassi for her selfish aims. But can Ophelia and Corrin make the sacrifices necessary to stop her?

Charassi’s Fae Queen: Books 1 – 3

Explore a world of dragons, magic, and intrigue in this complete fantasy collection featuring Books 1-3 of the exciting Fae Queen series.

The Dragon King’s Egg

A new hope for dragons. A new danger for the world…

Ophelia, High Queen of the Fae, is ecstatic when Sunny, her bonded dragon, announces that he and his mate are expecting a new egg. After all their trials and tribulations, a dragonling is more than welcome in the realm of Charassi…until a prophecy reveals that the new hatchling may bring about the end of the world.

Other dragons demand that the egg be destroyed. And some within the fae kingdom agree, including a mysterious sect determined to capture the egg at any cost. When they succeed, Ophelia will do anything to get it back. Even if it means putting her safety on the line by infiltrating the Wild Hunt.

But Ophelia’s fierce determination puts her at odds with her co-ruler, King Corrin. And their relationship is not the only thing showing cracks. A sinister power is rising that threatens to tear a rift in magic itself. With enemies and disaster looming on all sides, can Ophelia protect both her friends and her kingdom, before it’s too late?

Heart of Realms

A dragon’s egg heralds a dark destiny for the Kingdom of Fae…

Strange new magic has been unleashed upon the Fae of Charassi, and King Corrin is wary. Disaster seems to follow in the wake of this wild enchantment. And all the while, a sinister force lurks in the shadows, tearing at the cracks between worlds.

Meanwhile, Queen Ophelia is determined to hatch the ill-fated dragonling known as Starstriker. A prophecy has foretold that this hatchling will bring doom to the Fae. But Ophelia herself was once prophesied to bring disaster to Charassi. Perhaps, like her, this egg can lead the realm to a brighter future.

Time is running out. Starstriker needs to hatch now, but the evil magic of the Wild Hunt has left her shell unbreakable. Ophelia and her dragon must embark on a dangerous journey to the mysterious Heart of the Realms, hoping to find a cure, before the hatchling dies.

And If she fails, Ophelia’s quest may lead to both her and her kingdom’s doom…

The Ancestral Forces

Charassi stands on the brink, as an ancient evil breaks free of its prison…

A new dragon hatchling should be a cause for celebration. But the birth of Starstriker has put all of Charassi at risk. Kaliban, a force of pure evil, has a mysterious tie to the young dragon—and is drawing strength from her to carry out his deadly schemes.

If Kaliban can free himself from the Heart of the Realms, he’ll crush the Fae, and anyone else in his path of destruction. Queen Ophelia and King Corrin must risk everything to keep their realm safe, even Ophelia’s human family back on Earth who turns out to have a crucial role to play in the fight against Kaliban. To protect her people, Ophelia embarks on a desperate journey, seeking a power that can equal what Kaliban wields.

Only ancient magic can fight an ancient evil. But to harness the power, Ophelia must become the leader everyone needs her to be. Before it’s too late…