Qapira Awakening

Dragon Ally

Monsters lurk beneath the roaring high seas …

When street rat Del stows away on a merchant vessel he’s worried about staying hidden, not sea monsters. But when a kraken attacks, Del is thrown overboard and finds himself stranded on a desert island, one of three survivors. Rescue is impossible when they discover the kraken still lurking in the surrounding waters, desperate for the dragon eggs one of them is carrying.

Del, wealthy merchant’s daughter Etenia, and former dragon rider Lathan must find a way off the island before the kraken finishes them. Del has only ever heard rumors of dragon riders and thought those stories were myths, but now Lathan’s clutch of dragon eggs is their only hope. But Del knows all too well that he can only rely on himself, so how is he supposed to bond with a dragon?

He’ll need to learn quick or the monster in the deep will get him. Help isn’t coming and the only way off the island will be on the back of a dragon. Can Del really rely on his companions and a dragon hatchling? Or will his only hope of escape be to go it alone?

Dragon Revival 

Del will protect his new friends at any cost…

Street rat Del used to only rely on himself, but since being stranded on a desert island with Lathan, Etenia, and a pair of newly hatched dragons, he’s learned about the importance of friendship. Which is why he’ll do anything to prevent them from being hurt, even if it means leaving his homeland Pothena vulnerable to a threat that lurks deep off the coast; something even deadlier than a kraken.

Etenia insists that Pothena needs the warning, and they are the only ones who can deliver it. Without dragons, Pothena has no defenses against this deadly new foe. But the days of dragon-riding in the kingdom are long gone. To stand a chance, they’ll need to somehow revive the dragon-riding academy that has lain dormant for two and a half centuries.

Del will need to find the balance between protecting his friends and defending Pothena as the danger around them grows. The Qapirans have only begun to wake, and if they aren’t stopped they will rain down havoc on Pothena and beyond.