Ragond’s Witch Hunter

Dragon’s Mage

A witch hunter is thrust into a magical, dragon-filled world…

At sixteen, Yanna Gray is part of her family’s Virginia based witch hunting enterprise, helping rid Earth of anything—and anyone—magic. But her militant life goes south when an enchanted amulet goes missing. Before Yanna can reclaim the artifact, the thief opens an interdimensional portal flinging Yanna into a frightening magical world.

Ragond is straight out of the forbidden fairy tales Yanna once read. Mythical creatures, witches, and mages live in harmony with humans. Here, all she’s grown up believing is turned on its head—especially when she discovers her own magical abilities.

Without access to a portal to Earth, Yanna is invited to shelter at Stonehaven—the training ground for witches, mages, and dragon riders—where she discovers true friendship, camaraderie, and a surprising bond with an ancient dragon. But all too quickly, Yanna’s magic-hunting past catches up to her.

Now, to save her friends and the dragon who partnered with her, Yanna must decide what she believes and who to trust.

Or her past might become Ragond’s downfall.

Dragon’s Protector 

No matter how far she rides, she can’t escape her past…

Yanna Gray has settled into Ragondian life as a Stonehaven student. Deep down she knows she is destined to become a rider trainee… And her dragon bond feels it as well. But Yanna is torn between focusing on her riding or magecraft, unsure of the right path. Choosing a discipline is the hardest decision she’s ever faced.

Until a secret from her past on Earth places all of Ragond in jeopardy…

Deadly accidents plague the realm. A shimmering new bridge inexplicably collapses. Then a dam tragically crumbles into dust. All without a trace of magic. A devastating dissonance between worlds threatens the very existence of those Yanna has grown to love and respect. Now, she must decide if family means more than just flesh and blood.

Before her new home, and everyone in it, crumbles to dust…

Dragon’s Realm 

The fate of their world hangs in the balance.

Yanna is desperate to save her adopted home from the Witch Hunters she once called family. But the timeslip between Earth and Ragond has only grown worse. Memories are distorted, and the lives of both humans and dragons can be wiped out in an instant. With Ragond’s very existence tethered to Earth, Ragondians are forced to evacuate as the magical realm crumbles beneath their feet.

Yet, the Witch Hunter raids across the land continue, further damaging the tenuous link between Earth and Ragond. Yanna soon discovers that the raids are merely a ruse to conceal the theft of magical components needed to cast a powerful spell—one with horrifying consequences to those she loves. To stop them, she must return to Earth and retrieve the amulet that started this destructive chain of events.

If she fails, Ragond will be erased from existence.