Rise of the Dragon Riders


A legend from the past is a kingdom’s only hope…

Cora knows her grandmother’s stories of the noble dragon riders by heart, even though most people consider them just a myth. But for Cora, the legends are a pleasant distraction from her concern for her ailing father, and the enormous debt they owe to the king’s garrison.

Desperate to help her father, Cora becomes a scale scavenger, risking life and limb by entering the territory of the deadly, feral dragons to gather the highly valuable scales. But her first attempt nearly ends in tragedy when she’s trapped by an angry dragon. They are both stunned when she unlocks the secret of communicating with him.

As Cora and the dragon, Alaric, grow closer, they uncover more secrets from the kingdom’s past. There was a dark conclusion to the dragon rider legacy, brought about by a malicious force that sought power at any cost. That force still holds the kingdom in thrall—and has no intention of allowing the dragon riders to rise again.

Can Cora and Alaric reignite a legend from the past, before it’s too late?

Dragon Scales 

Will dragons defend a kingdom founded on lies?

Novice dragon rider Cora and her dragon Alaric are determined to rescue their families from the king’s fortress, but after her first attempt at infiltration, Cora is captured! Panic turns to hope, though, when she realizes her captors are antiroyalists. Maybe she won’t have to face Onyx alone…and maybe she and Alaric can have help with their training when a mysterious woman who helped her before is revealed to be the only surviving dragon rider.

But rumors of a new dragon rider are spreading in the Tenegard kingdom, making Cora’s training even more dangerous. And she and Alaric have yet to harness the full power of their mystical bond…a power they desperately need, if they are to have any chance of defeating King Onyx and rescuing their loved ones.

On their own, Cora and Alaric are no match for the powerful sorcerer king. But will other dragons rally to their cause, after a century of lies sent them fleeing from humans? Even as they struggle to form this new alliance, Onyx’s forces are closing in on Cora and Alaric.

And a darkness beyond their imagination looms on the horizon…

Dragon Fire

A young woman and her dragon must free their kingdom from evil magic…

King Onyx has kept Tenegard ensorcelled for too long. Dragon rider Cora, along with her dragon, Alaric, are determined to free the kingdom from his sinister grasp. With the aid of rebel forces, they’re training a new wave of dragon riders—the first the country has seen in a century—but will their forces be enough to combat King Onyx’s dark magic? In his quest for power and immortality, there’s no line he won’t cross and nothing he won’t risk. With the nation on the brink of war, the stakes have never been higher.

The rebels must do whatever it takes to cut off the sorcerer king from his source of power, before it’s too late. If they fail to stop him, his corrupting reach will extend far beyond Tenegard.

And all hope will be lost…


A plague from the past threatens dragons, and their riders…

A mysterious sickness ravages the land, causing dragons and their riders to fall into a never-ending sleep. Cora and her dragon steed Alaric are determined to find a cure… Especially as the sickness begins to claim the lives of their fellow dragon riders.

But Cora and Alaric are not immune to this unholy illness. Risking their lives, they join a team of dragon riders on a perilous journey to the Heart of Tenegard, where a mysterious healer believes they may find a cure. Tensions run high, as the group begins to suspect that a traitor lurks in their midst, manipulating dark magic and endangering them all.

The sickness threatens those closest to Cora, and the dragon school itself is in danger. If she cannot stop this malady from spreading, there may be no dragon riders left to defend Tenegard.

But time is running out. Can she find the cure for this ancient sickness, before it’s too late?

Dragon Crystals

A girl and her dragon must conquer an ancient evil, before it’s too late…

Dragon rider Cora, her dragon Alaric, and their allies have shielded the dragon rider school from the vicious Blight… for now. But the deadly plague is still a threat, and if the sinister forces who control it find the Heart of Tenegard, there will be no stopping it.

Cora soon discovers that the Blight is even more dangerous than imagined, spawning deadly beasts that can’t be killed. As war looms on the horizon, time is running out to banish this supernatural evil.

Cora’s enemies have forged new alliances, and grow more dangerous by the day. Her best hope to defeat them is an arrogant dragon rider with secrets of his own. Trusting the wrong person has already led to one disaster. Doing it again could lead to utter catastrophe…

This could be her only chance to save Tenegard. But if she fails, everything Cora knows and loves will perish…

Dragon War’s

The Blight must be stopped, no matter the cost…

Cora and her bonded dragon Alaric have managed to slow the Blight, a sinister plague killing both dragons and their riders. But the sickness, and the evil sorceresses who control it, are still a threat to the Kingdom. If Melsuine takes control of the magic in the Heart of Tenegard, there will be no stopping them.

With the help of the gruff Lenire and newly awakened Faron, Cora and Alaric harness one of Melsuine’s own creations to reach the Heart of Tenegard before the evil sorceresses. But their success is short lived, when a new battle costs them dearly.

To end the Blight, Cora and Alaric must join all Tenegardian magic together, and cut to the heart of the bond between dragons and their riders. To protect her Kingdom, Cora will pay any price.

But can she sacrifice the one thing she can’t bear to lose?