Richardson’s Riders

As any good dragon-rider going up against an evil King, undead Prince, possessed mage or a book launch knows: you’re only as strong as your fellow riders.

So, I’d like to formally invite you to join an elite unit of fearless, word-slaying, story devouring dragon riders…

Richardson’s Riders! 

Joining the legendary R.R. Unit is no easy undertaking, and should not be taken lightly… however the rewards are immense. In exchange for your service you’ll receive:

  • FREE early, pre-release versions of my books
  • Early viewings of covers and audiobook samples
  • Access to the private Richardson’s Riders Facebook group
  • A vote in the future of the Torvald world

In return, your duties will include:

  • Providing honest feedback on the books
  • Helping spread the word about the books

If you think you have what it takes to join our elite dragon riding unit, apply today:

Join Richardson’s Riders!

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